I thought my crossfit days were over. Finger pain was causing grip trouble with weight lifting and rope climbs. Another crossfitter recommended Dr. Le Cara (Ed) at Sports Plus, Pleasanton CA. Ed diagnosed, then relieved, tight forearm muscles. Imagine my delight when I realized that the pain was gone. And, what I thought was finger osteoarthritis was really 24/7 muscle tension on my hands and fingers. I’m back in the gym.

-PK, Crossfit Enthusiast

Ed saved my ass. Literally. I had a terrible injury to my gluteus maximus with constant pain and difficulty walking. Ed gave me a series of exercises to follow which eliminated the pain. Then he gave me another series of exercises to follow to improve strength. I am forever grateful.

– Michael Port, NY Times Bestselling Author of 5 books

“In the middle of baseball season, my son suffered a severe ankle injury playing basketball on a Saturday. He was his teams starting varsity catcher and was in the middle of league play. He had bruising and swelling on the outside of his ankle that went up to his midcalf. Dr. Le Cara was able to decrease his swelling and accelerate the healing in his ankle so that he was able to return to play the following Thursday after missing only one game.”

Charles Preston MD
Orthopedic surgeon for De La Salle High School Football and Saint Mary’s College

“We’ve been working with Dr. Le Cara and his staff of professionals since 2007.  Dr. Le Cara is without a doubt, the finest Sports Medicine advisor and healthcare professional I have ever worked with both inside and outside the fitness industry.  Whether you are a injured weekend warrior or genuine fitness enthusiast with an nagging ailment, Dr. Le Cara is always the first stop for direction, advice, and therapy.  Routinely, many of our personal trainers work with him as well on rehabilitation and therapy plans for our members and personal training clients.  Simply stated, I TRUST him with myself, my family, and our members.”

Carl C. Liebert III
Chief Executive Officer
24 Hour Fitness Worldwide  

Before I went to Dr. Le Cara, my back and glute muscles were giving me trouble.  I can honestly say after my first session with him, I felt more mobile and my posture felt great.  As long as I am playing basketball, I will continue to see him and I would recommend any athlete get the ‘ Dr. Ed experience’.  Thanks!!

 –Teohn Conner   SMC Gail basketball Alum 

“Since my 1995 graduation from Duke University where I was a three-time all American, I have coached lacrosse throughout the country. Today, I am a professional lacrosse player for the San Francisco Dragons of the MLL and owner of All West Lacrosse and continue to provide kids of all levels and abilities with lacrosse coaching and instruction. The first hire I make for each summer is Tony Kearns. He is 100% responsible, great with kids and really cares about their health and safety, and defines the term “professional” in rendering his training services for All West. And, as a bonus, Tony clearly cares about, and does all he can to ensure the overall success of, the All West programs he works. He continually goes above and beyond his role as athletic trainer to help me with other aspects of my camps. Because of Tony’s loyalty and great service to All West Lacrosse over the last four years, I unequivocally endorse him as an athletic trainer, chiropractor, and work associate.”
– Matt Olgesby, Professional Lacrosse Player & Founder of All West Lacrosse Camps

“Dr. Kearns is what I would call best in class. He is incredibly detailed and results focused. He has worked as a team physician supporting Santa Clara Lacrosse. Under his care, the team has seen a reduction of injuries as well as a rapid recover of those injured players. I personally see Dr. Kearns, and as a marathon runner he keeps me running and feeling great. He is the most through chiropractor I have ever worked with. I highly recommend Dr. Kearns.”                                                                      


“Tony has been a godsend to the lacrosse and rugby programs at Santa Clara University. He volunteered to provide athletic training services to the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams at SCU and he has been part of the coaching staff for the Lacrosse program ever since providing evaluation, treatment and emergency medical care that is unparalleled. We are so glad he has opened SportsPlus so close to the school so our athletes can have easy access to him and his office. You won’t go wrong in using the services of Tony and his highly competent staff.

-Gary Podesta, PT, Head Coach Santa Clara Lacrosse (1983-2009)

R-r-r-r-r-r-r-i-i-i-p!  That’s the sound of my shoulder as my arm rotated up and over my head and back around, as nearly 200 pounds of canine decided to chase a cat — despite all three dogs being tethered to the one hand at the end of the poor little arm of said shoulder.  This happened more than two years ago, and while the shock and feeling of cold numbness in the injured area have long been buried (not forgotten), the scar tissue continued to build up, leading to impingement and a different type of severe pain.

I decided to visit …Dr. Tony Kearns.  I was highly impressed from the start and I cannot recommend him enough.  Within minutes he had identified biceps tendinosis and began working on the exact location of the problem.  Dr. Kearns easily and clearly explained everything about impingement and the treatment methods for re-aligning scar tissue and building up strength in the ligaments and muscles around the shoulder.

Within a few treatments, I had regained greater range of motion and as of this review I feel my shoulder is nearly back to 75%.  We are going to be working on the other shoulder now, which apparently developed problems in compensating for the injured one.

Dr. Kearns and the staff are all very knowledgeable and professional, yet easy-going and friendly at the same time.  In fact, the docs donate a good portion of their time at events (like triathlons) to offer their services and to educate people about what they do.  Dr. Kearns was recently at an AVP tournament treating our own Olympic volleyball players — yes, Rogers, Dalhausser and company.  Needless to say, if you are experiencing pain, especially from a sports-related injury, Dr Kearns is sure to help you quickly and effectively.


Dr. Kearns clearly demonstrates high competency during all matters on and off the field. Excellent bed-side manner with athletes of all ages. Remedies for injuries use the most advanced techniques and recovery times are reduced following Dr. Kearns’ advice. Dr. Kearns is our first call when the most professional and highly skilled athletic training and medical services are required.

Keith D., Northern California Junior Lacrosse Association

Tony Kearns and his staff are professional and personable. He makes my life easier because once he has my schedule, he takes care of the rest. All who works around him and his staff comment about how wonderful they are. All the athletes trust him and he respects them. I highly recommend him.

Adam Kennedy, Club Sports Director, Saint Mary’s College

I started seeing Dr. Kearns (Tony) when I had shin splints so bad that I was forced to stop running.  I am very active so this lack of exercise was driving me crazy but simply rest was not alleviating my pain.  After a visit to Tony’s office, he was able to pin-point the problem that was causing my shin splints (which turned out to be a muscle under my calf and not my shins at all) and with physical therapy Tony completely cured me!  I am now able to run normally and pain free again.  Tony is absolutely amazing and really knows what he’s talking about.  On top of that, he is honest and straightforward and you can tell he actually cares about the wellbeing of his patients.  I recommend him to anyone who is looking for the fastest and most effective physical therapy around.


I first saw Dr. Tony when I reinjured my knees from working out too hard and being bruised up from playing lacrosse. Dr. Tony is so knowledgeable about pretty much everything chiropractic that he knew what was wrong and what treatments were for me. He treated me for every bang and bruise I got, which were a lot. Without Dr. Tony, I would not have been able to finish my season as well as I did. He is very dedicated to what he does and really cares about everyone he treats. Dr. Tony is also just a great person all around, and I definitely recommend him for an effective recovery.


I went to see Dr. Kearns regarding a hip ailment that was preventing me from playing collegiate sports. After lots of thorough tests and experimentation, Dr. Kearns came to a diagnosis and designed a treatment including exercises and dietary supplements. He was very meticulous in his diagnosis and networked with a wide variety of other professionals in the field of sports medicine. With Dr. Kearns, I never thought for a second that I was in the wrong hands. He was very professional, but easy to connect with on a personal level.


Dr. Tony Kerns practically saved my lacrosse season.  I suffered a knee injury, hand injury and a dislocated rib during my season and Dr. Kearns had me back on the field as soon as possible while still insuring my health and safety.  While most of my teammates and I are stubborn, Tony was able to see passed our poker faces to the real problem.  His dedication and ability to effectively treat our injuries was a great service to our team as a whole.  He is attentive, caring, but most of all a very good doctor and I recommend him to anyone suffering from an injury.  He’s honestly the best doctor I’ve ever been too, I wish I was still in Santa Clara so I could get treatment from him!!


Dr. Tony Kearns was the reason I stayed in the game this year and last at Santa Clara. I play on the club lacrosse team, and went through several injuries including tendonitis, severly bruised ribs, lower back pain from a previous stress fracture, as well as the usual bruises and bang ups that come with playing a sport. Well whether it was tendonitis or a cut knuckle, Dr. Kearns was always there looking for the best way to help me heal and keep me in the game. He is extremely knowledgeable and completely dedicated to improving the health and condition of his patients. I have no doubt that if a cure or treatment exists for an injury, Dr. Kearns can find it and execute it perfectly. I have never been in such good shape in my life, and I know that if it wasn’t for Dr. Kearns I would have never reached the point that I am at now. So thank you Dr. Kearns and I wouldn’t recommend any other doctor more highly.


I am writing this reflection on behalf of Dr. Kearns. I played lacrosse for Santa ClaraUniversity and he is our athletic trainer. I had several serious injuries this past season (concussion and broken collarbone) and he takes great care of you and takes great pride in his work. Not only is he a great Dr. but a great person as well. I highly reccommend his assistance.


Tony is the man. His chiropractic knowledge is top notch. Whenever I had injuries he knew exactly what was wrong and how to treat it and it always got better very quickly. I would highly recomend going to him for any and all of your physical health and chiropractic needs and he is sure to heal you quicker than anyone else around.