Treatment Options

At SportsPlus we combine expert providers with traditional and innovative treatment options to give you access to the highest quality of musculoskeletal care.  Examples of conditions that we successfully treat:

  • Spinal Conditions (neck, mid, and lower back)
  • Lower Extremity Conditions (plantar fasciitis, patellar tendonitis, ankle sprain, etc.)
  • Upper Extremity Conditions (shoulder impingement, rotator cuff, elbow pain, etc.)

Not sure we are the right provider for your condition? Schedule a free consultation with one of our doctors to help you make the best decision.  If we are not a good fit, we work with many different medical professionals with whom we can refer you to (i.e. orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist, internal medicine physician, etc.).

We provide treatment two ways:

Open Treatment:

Influenced by our experience in the University and Professional athletic training room, we are the only providers who offer this model (that we know of).  With one of our open treatment plans, you have access to our facility during normal business hours without having to make an appointment. This will allow you to do a workout of the day, work on your own specific corrective exercise plan, and/or receive brief treatment (<10 minutes) including ART®, RockTape®, LASER, Manipulation, Ice or Electric Stimulation, as needed. This is a great option for people looking for affordable and convenient treatment options for non-complicated musculoskeletal conditions.  If you have constant nicks or nagging problems that are not full blown injuries but limit your ability to function at your best, then an open treatment plan might be a great option at extremely reasonable pricing that is easy on your schedule.  Please note, the open treatment option does require an initial examination with one of our doctors to review your medical history and goals so you safely get the most out of your time with us.

One on One Treatment:

If you need more direct time with a doctor, massage therapist, or strength and conditioning specialist, you can work with them one-on-one. You will receive expert individual care to help relieve pain and return you to the things that you love. This type of care is perfect for people with new injuries, flare-ups of old injuries or if you simply prefer an individual appointment. A typical appointment is 30 minutes (slightly longer on the initial visit), and will include a movement evaluation, applicable treatment, exercise prescription with home care recommendations and modifications if needed.


We can also combine both treatment options so you get the individual attention of one on one appointments coupled with open access to the facility when you do not have an appointment.  This approach allows you to maximize your recovery efforts so you can get back to doing activities that you love as quickly as possible.