Dynamic Weekend Warrior

It’s Spring and many of you will soon become recreational Weekend Warriors. But before you exercise, try Dynamic Stretching. Dynamic Stretching means your body is continuously moving while stretching. This allows increased tissue temperatures to be produced during warm-up and reduces the incidence and likelihood of musculoskeletal associated injuries while increasing performance. The argument is that traditional Static Stretches done alone leave muscles cold with a low blood saturation and thus more susceptible to injury or damage. Best yet, Dynamic Stretches are designed to be sport specific and a routine typically only takes 5-10 minutes.

Here are examples of Dynamic Stretches used for two posterior chain muscles:
1. Hamstrings: Goose-step march: Slowly lift your leg straight out in front of you bringing ankle to hip height, alternating as you walk with your normal stride length.
2. Gluteals: Knee lifts: As you’re walking, bring one knee up, grab it an pull it into your chest alternating as you walk.

Warming up the body correctly can improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. I hope this look into Dynamic Stretching awakens your curiosity as much as it fuels your desire to get outside and enjoy Spring.